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Every cat I've owned played fetch. They all had their own rules; my current cat insists the "ball" consists of something plastic. It must go thru a doorway or he won't bring it back.

I had another who would only fetch cigarette packs. Was playing with her before bed one night. When I tired of the game, I put the pack on the headboard behind me. The cat woke me up at 3 am standing on my head and reaching for the cigarette pack. Guess it was time to play again.
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Take out the baseball bat and add a few hacked up hairballs and you could be at my house most mornings.

Frankly, I think I'd prefer the bat rather than hairballs next to one's head first thing in the morning...
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In upstate NY in the mid 80s, friends of ours who lived on a farm, built a "UFO" out of a chicken coop, Xmas lights, a horn and a car battery. I say "UFO" but actually it couldn't fly (a USO? unidentified sitting object?). We would pull it out into the middle of a field next to a rural road, hook up the battery, climb up into the trees and laugh at the folk who stopped. I remember one women in a Jeep screaming at her boyfriend to "Get back in the car NOW!" as he wandered over to look. Good times.
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I may be getting a little senile, but I swear I remember one of our older buddies in high school (much older; he was an expat Brit in his 30s ) showing off his CD player when I was 16...and since I graduated in 83 that would be 81...

Just call me Al.

Al. Z Heimer.
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This is Peter Cottontail, reporting to you live from the scene. The police are still sniffing out clues, but it appears the killer has hopped the scene. Witnesses claim he had "a vicious streak a mile wide!" and it is recommended you hole up until this butcher is apprehended.
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