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Somewhere I still have the Robots by Isaac Asimov VHS game. We had a good time playing it, although I can't seem to convince my 11 yr old of that fact.
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Ok, IMHO the "can't tell me when my car will be your own" comment deserves a standing ovation. Bravo (and thanx = I'm saving that line for the near future *grin*)!
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Kimba was my fav cartoon as a little kid. I cried for 2 weeks when they pulled Kimba off channel 11. I was devastated; there was no notice, just one day it was gone. As an adult I went to see The Lion King in the theater and walked out furious; they clearly stole the story from Kimba.

Yeah, I'm a little passionate about that white lion cub.
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I like spiders. My sister is terrified of them. I find it hard to believe that there is one specifically gene responsible for a fear of spiders, and that she has it and I don't.
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We went just before Xmas, and it was awesome! One of the kittehs apparently decided the cat toy box was THE place to be, and spent her time bathing and napping in it; another was a complete lap whore and went from lap to lap, not caring whose it was as long as they worshipped her.
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I WAS going to get something with the elementary students I work with in mind. Then I saw Anatomy of a Grumpy Cat and to hell with the kids LOL I neeeeeeed that one.
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If I hadn't done my own research, my son would have likely been stillborn. I had Cholestasis of Pregnancy, which I asked to be tested for as I discovered I had all the symptoms (except turning yellow; it's a liver issue which affects maybe .5% of the American pregnant population). When the results came back (the results of the test they decided to humor me and give), there was a panic at the office, as I had to have an amino ASAP to see if his lungs were ready because he needed to come out immediately.

So there is something to be said for doing your own research IMHO. But intends to be verified by a professional.
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