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I admit it took me a minute to realize that Jack Black wasn't the product of a strange love triangle, but that that he had two rocket scientist parents AND he was the college friend of Tim Robbins.

The "he was" part was an important addition that assisted in my realization.
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I liked this the first couple of times I saw it, but now it's just getting old.. I'm tired of looking at people grow over time (though it does explain how that guy went from hot to whatthehellisthat?! in just a few years).
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Lupus and ted, you're both making awful judgments. It's all in how the dogs are raised.

Humans are a thousand times more savage than pit bulls. More prone to violence and horrible acts.
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Trying to click the link caused Safari to crash. I agree that detailing this online is more than the guy deserves.

mikos - Sure monogamous relationships get boring, but that's absolutely not an excuse to cheat.
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What a touchy group. If you don't want to see it don't look. Jesus Christ. Don't blame the blog because you're easily offended.

Mr Stamp, I certainly hope you're a vegetarian. Surely you wouldn't eat meat since it requires the murder of an animal.

Smoking toddlers isn't cool but there are lots of uncool things (like Mr Stamp) that still make it to this site and a million others.
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Oooooh I want one of those!! I wanted to do something similar once, for my own personal use. Rent a storage unit and smash things in it. Particularly smash things like cans of paint that would splatter and make bigger messes (which of course would land on the paper or plastic I'd hang to keep the place clean.
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That's my city. Austin's a great and weird place but I'm already way over this fad. Now that someone knows how to do it, everyone is doing it. And like aging hipster said, what about when the real zombies come?! Milla Jovovich probably won't come, and we'll all die. (Well, most. I'm stocked and ready)
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