Alfabet in Huid: Typeface Made From Skin and Clothespins

Photo: Arjan Benning

We've seen quite a few creative alphabets, but probably none as weird (and painful) as this set, made with clothespin and skin. It's called alfabet in huid (typeface in skin) by Thijs Verbeek.

Link - via notcot

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by mrsmojorisin.

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I believe that good art is that which causes a reaction in the viewer. Whether that reaction is pleasant or unpleasant depends on the artist but as long as he can move something in his audience he is fulfilling his purpose.
I also see the human body as one of the most interesting canvases. Whether the art form is clothing, painting, tattoos, or jewelry it is always good to see someone modify or contort something that we are so used to such as ourselves into something new and amazing.
The whole pain thing, really clothespins? And somehow filling your body with tattoos or piercings, or any other permanent modification is much better?
If it's a mental illness then we are all sick because I do not know anyone who doesn't like to see someone do something amazing or bizarre with their bodies.
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I'm on a judge-y tear today, but this is pretty damned disturbing. You have to wonder, if someone is set upon doing harm to themself, what they are capable of doing to other people.

We all have illusions and barriers to the real world, and we relate to the real world in our own ways. But if this involves the infliction of pain to ourselves and/or others, there is something wrong.

This isn't "fringe", or "art", but simple mental illness.
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