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I'm thinking the same thing. What subject does an "artist" treasure more than themself?

And how is it a "self-portrait" when she obviously did not take the picture of herself as a child? The original photo was taken by a family member - most likely one of her parents. And they weren't going for "art", but just taking a picture of their kid on a beach. Somehow it becomes "art" by her photoshopping herself as an older person.
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I've learned that the only thing that is possibly worse than having a job you hate is having no job at all.

I don't think a dimwit who uses the term "funemployment" understands this.

I am both deeply envious and cotemptuous of this blissful ignorance.
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The guy should've called Morrie's wigs.

Don't buy wigs that come off at the wrong time.

Morrie's wigs DON't COME OFF!

And remember, Morrie's wigs are tested against hurricane winds.

So forget about money, you can afford a Morrie's Wig. Priced to fit every budget.
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The winners get to write the history. And, in this case, its very, very sad.

To me, this only reminds us how precious our civil liberties are in this country, and how many people died to provide these liberties. And now we're seeing these freedoms erode in front of our eyes (from both the left and right).
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I think that is a bit of a stretch. I've seen a lot of idiocy on campus, especially in fraternities and male dorms. Young males create their mythologies and throw themselves into it hook, line, and sinker. Testocerone is a massive inhibitor to intelligent thinking - and teenage brains are floating in it.


"real men are happy and relieved to be considered complete and equal humans"

(whisper) You know that guy who wears Birkenstocks and agrees with everything you say? He's trying to get into your pants. You didn't hear this from me.
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You illustrate one of my points wonderfully. You say that I don't "own" my daughter, as if she is some piece of property. This is typical leftist feminist strawmen arguments.

It isn't about "owning" a person. It is about "owning" responsibility. Since the deconstruction of the patriarchy, men have given up their traditional responsibilities as providers and protectors.

Granted, men had the tendency to abuse these responsibilities. But the feminist movement (and their male enablers) decided to throw the baby out with the bath water.

And you know what the punch line is? Women are very, very confused now. Since men no longer perform their functions that are readily observed in nature (provide and protect), then women, on a very basic level, can not respect them, and be attracted to them. You feminists have your gelded males now - but you will always have that terrible feeling that something is missing, and something is wrong.
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I've only read a few things about beekeeping, but I find it fascinating. I understand its a true artform to keep those bees happy and not abandon the hive.

I hope you're right about the Africanized bees. Every once in awhile we hear about them coming farther up north. Its really a shame that we screwed with thousands of years of domestic bee breeding.
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"I have three university degrees"

(golf clap)

Hey, you need another one?

(golf clap)

I'll try to explain myself again. With your three degrees maybe you'll be able to figure it out. If not, I can use finger puppets.

Everyone, especially young people, can become enslaved by their emotions and impulses. We become slaves to our desires. The pursuit of desires can overwhelm us - and leave us feeling empty and lost.

Maybe all your young sexual exploits ended up peachy, but mine, and most other people, have not. After many years of thinking about it, I have concluded that my reasons for having sex was quite different than the girls I was with. They were expecting something from me that I wasn't able to give.

And you know what? This is perfectly normal. Young men are wired a certain way - and young girls are wired completely differently. It's always been like this, and always will be.

And we, as adults, are supposed to be wise and compassionate with these young people, and not lie to them. It is lying to them to say that sex is easy and cheap. It is lying to them to say that there are no consequences of having a one-night stand with a girl (who, in this case, could be 17 or 18 years old), and then leave her alone (because if you're banging a different girl every night, you don't have time for pillow talk).

So do you want to keep defending teenage body spray?
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I think we may get into a chicken and egg conundrum (sp?). I think marketing is purely reactive - it reacts off the prevailing cultural perception (whether or not it is true). But mass-marketing could also perpetuate a perception. If something is repeated enough then kids might actually think it is true.

I don't see anything positive about this, even if its just to make a buck (which I don't besmirch to anyone). There is enough sexual pressure happening on college campuses by the kids themselves - we don't need to be adding to it by stupid and cynical advertising.

Individuals are just as suspicious of corporations as they are of government.
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Don't you need lots of open land to raise bees, with plenty of flowering plants for them to feed?

And is it a good idea to raise masses of swarming insects in such a densly populated area? Bees can get pretty pissed off, especially if they're cross-contaminated with Africanized bees. And there are people who are deadly allergic to bee stings.

But we're talking about New York here. Forget it. I think its a great idea.
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College is awash in hormones. Trust me. I know it.

But there are other things that drive relationships besides sex. Horn-dog kids aren't going to understand, but we have to keep trying to teach them.

And this stupid ad completely goes against this notion. Instead of telling kids that women mean more than a simple wham-bam-thank you Ma'm, we are instead saying "Hey, girls are here for you to screw - in fact, the more you "bag", the more of A MAN you are! Oh, and buy AX Body Spray!"

There may be idiotic adults who think that we are being "hip" and "edgy" by endorsing this behavior to today's generation. But all we're doing is enslaving them to cheap sex. And that will make it that much harder for them to grow up.
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