Time-Shifted Self-Portraits by Chino Otsuka

Imagine Finding Me, 1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan, double self portraits
by Chino Otsuka

The woman and child in this photo look like mother and daughter, but they are actually both artist Chino Otsuka at different ages.

In Imagine Finding Me, Otsuka's series of "double self-portraits," the artist shows herself (with herself) over the span of decades, using what she calls "a time machine of digital tools."

Link - via monstersandrockets

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by gregs.

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It becomes art by the imaginative use of imagery and medium.

And just because one isn't "going for art" doesn't mean that it isn't art to others.
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I'm thinking the same thing. What subject does an "artist" treasure more than themself?

And how is it a "self-portrait" when she obviously did not take the picture of herself as a child? The original photo was taken by a family member - most likely one of her parents. And they weren't going for "art", but just taking a picture of their kid on a beach. Somehow it becomes "art" by her photoshopping herself as an older person.
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Good point, ted. I was just scanning an old photograph of me as a kid at Disneyland, and really, it never entered my mind, but other people commented that I looked the same, and I wondered why it's so surprising that I look like I did as a child. I won't be one of the teeming that attempts this.
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