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Woulda put the little bugger on an ostomy-sac m'self, , and charged admission to the freak petting zoo, maybe get some other booths set up for a proper midway!!!

"See the Human Pin Coushin" (throwing darts at the neighbor's beer gut)

"She, floats, she wiggles, never before seen by the masses!!"...(his rotund wife on a raft in the pool through a fence knot-hole)

"And the children raised by Dairy Cows!!"..(make the kids earn their keep, on all fours in Bossy's manger)\

Yep, ol' Sven missed out on a white-trash extravaganza...
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Damn right they are diseased, entire body is screaming for relief from all systems taxed.....obesity is a sign of personality disorders, a number of socio-psychic maladies, laziness, slothfulness,poor hygiene, bad knees and feets, what the fuck kind of symptoms do you have to have a preponderance of, before you call it a disease......

I am mentally distressed by the lack of concern so many have for their world, their loved ones, and their own, freekin temples...

"Jumbo go awaaaaay, hey hey hey, Jumbo don't you stayyyy, ayy ayy ayy!".....
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Damn, I thought the albino beaver was a once in a lifetime thing, ....that mean bitch ugly!! My sperm count would fall will the unit's descent.....
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How would one have teased this poor soul in high school, or for another matter, is a bare foot rub for Archiola like 1/2nd base, or unpretected sex....
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