"Spider-Lamb," a Seven-Legged Lamb

Photo: Susan Sandys / Ashburton Guardian

New Zealand farmer Dave Callaghan found a seven-legged lamb in the field of his farm - unfortunately, the newborn calf sheep had to be put down because it was suffering:

Veterinarian Steve Williams said the lamb was also hermaphrodite, and was missing a part of its bowel so was unable to pass feces.

He said it was this latter problem, rather than the fact it had seven legs, that meant it would have to be destroyed.

Link - Thanks Tara!

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Woulda put the little bugger on an ostomy-sac m'self, , and charged admission to the freak petting zoo, maybe get some other booths set up for a proper midway!!!

"See the Human Pin Coushin" (throwing darts at the neighbor's beer gut)

"She, floats, she wiggles, never before seen by the masses!!"...(his rotund wife on a raft in the pool through a fence knot-hole)

"And the children raised by Dairy Cows!!"..(make the kids earn their keep, on all fours in Bossy's manger)\

Yep, ol' Sven missed out on a white-trash extravaganza...
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A newborn sheep is a lamb, not a calf.

calf = cow (or whale)
lamb = sheep

Sorry, it's a small pet peeve of mine. Great posting though! Poor little he/she never had a chance. :(
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