Why Slim People Hate Fat Ones.

Why do slim people dislike those who are fat? Researchers at the University of British Columbia discovered that it may actually be an immune system response:

From the taunting of the chubby child in the playground to cruel jibes at fat people in work and social settings, few could doubt there is widespread prejudice against the overweight. However, according to research reported in Evolution and Human Behavior some people suffer abuse because being too fat is mistaken by the brain for a sign of disease.

Researchers say the immune system can be triggered into action at the sight of obesity because it doesn't like the look of what it sees, and associates it with infection.

Just as it orchestrates attacks on viruses and bacteria and triggers nausea at the hint of bad food, so it sends out signals of disgust in some people at the sight of an obese body that is designed to encourage avoidance and survival.

http://news.independent.co.uk/health/article2814756.ece - via Spluch (Image from Mr. TGT [Flickr[)

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I was obese when I was younger (250 pounds at 15). Grew up, moved out, had kids, got into shape, and dropped down to a size 6. I did, in fact, live the freaking life of a "fatty". And you know what? It makes me hate obesity even more. Unless you're that some 2% (you aren't) that become overweight from disease, you are indeed, disgusting. Why do I say that? Don't act like you're active because you take care of a kid or have an 'active' job. Active is running or bicycling for an hour on top of that lifestyle. Don't say you're only big because you don't exercise, "I eat normal." No, you eat giant portions. 'Ello, a serving of soup is one cup, not the whole can. Oh, and let's consider all those 900 calorie burgers. To be obese, and not TRY to be fit (you're not really trying when you walk down the block, or eat a salad with four cups of dressing - go cycle for an hour!), is SELFISH. Raw, unadulterated, SELFISHNESS. Because you are so absorbed in yourself, that you get to the point you can't do normal tasks - like walk up stairs without feeling exhausted. Your children will suffer, because mommy or daddy can't RUN AROUND with them for more than a couple of minutes at the park. They will be HUMILIATED because their little classmates will remark, "You're mommy is fat." I lived that, and it was SHIT. It really, truly is disgusting and ugly. It wasn't until I woke up and saw that my "tries" or "excuses" were completely bullshit, worked through the physical pain of hours of working out each week, that I lost any weight. For any person who says shit about how hard they try to lose weight, or that they tried and can't, then get your ass off your computer and go get yourself some dumbbells!
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So Im reading this and really kind of sad for alot of the people writing such nasty things on both ends of the spectrum, fatties and thinies. Honestly, being a fat person is not a chioce most people sign up for. No peoson on the planet wants to walk into a store and have to pick up the largest size on the rack, then go into the dressing room and look at themselves in the 3 way miror and see buldges and rolls and walk out of the store with a new sence of how deeply un-attractive you are. No one wants to be the girl at the bar who sits in the dark corner table nursing her 64 calorie beer while her other friends, thinner friends dance and flirt with men who would never look at her. I think if the thin people ever lived a week in a heavy persons shoes they would stop the blame and hate.

Now in saying this, I am a single mom who realy has always been in the size 16-18 range. I am not thin but not so overweight that I need a scooter. I wake up in the morning before the sun is usualy up, so I can get myself ready and get things ready for my and my sons day. We head off to the daycare and my work I work a fulltime job as an Optician and usualy have 8-9hour days. My son and I get home around 6 or 7 pm and my evening is usualy focused on my son. I put him to bed, then start my classes, as I am in college via mostly online however one night a week I go to the college. I usualy get to bed around midnight.

Nowhere in my life is there room for being lazy. If anything I work more than most thin people I know. I try for a balanced diet but just like everyone else I am a sucker for fast food once in a while. I think everyone should look at the whole picture rather than easy blame and finger pointing.
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The bottom line is: put down the fork. It takes time, it takes self-discipline, but it can be done.

Any of the posters who said "ooh gee I'm fat, and I try to lose but it doesn't work" need to stop thinking about food as pleasure and start thinking about it as fuel for their bodies. Stop eating empty calories, start eating small portions of lean meat, veggies, whole grains. And ffs stop drinking soda! Drink water, it's what your body needs. Not another diet soft drink!

Your hands are your best guide for portion control. What is a serving of bread? The size of your hand. One slice, or a roll the size of your fist. ONE. Not two, not one and a half. One. A serving of meat? the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. A serving of salad fits into your cupped hands, a serving of fruit is the size of your fist, a serving of veggies is the size of your two fists put together. A serving of butter, mayo, sauce? Your two index fingers. Period. And no effing second helpings. If you think you're still hungry after a meal, drink a glass of water, slowly. Then if you're still hungry, go for a walk. But put down the fork!!!!
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thiwe...obesity is at epidemic levels in the U.S. If they are all eating out of depression, I'd be really surprised. No, I think that most fatties are just lazy slobs. Fatties disgust me, especially the ones that ride around on their little fatty-mobiles at Walmart. If those disgusting lard asses would just get up and walk, they might start losing weight. So any fatty reading this, make no mistake. Fat is NOT beautiful! I will NEVER except you for who you are. You are REPULSIVE in my eyes, and the eyes of most thin people. Start eating healthy food and exercising and your fat will GO AWAY! Don't you people GET IT??? (And by the way, a giant chef salad covered with meat, cheese, and ranch dressing is NOT healthy!)
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