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Unrelated prescription drug charges? I think not -- why else would she pose as a nurse, cheap thrills? She likely wanted access to meds, why else spend a couple grand to wangle the job?
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On the web, you can leave "invisible" messages by setting the text color the same as the background color. The message can only be seen when highlighted (selected).

Every post on my blog has invisible writing. Since Google's spiders don't realize the text is "invisible", it's a simple way to include search terms without confusing readers.
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I was at work in the medical repair shop at Balboa Naval Hospital. The guys and gals who fix medical electronics are, predictably, serious geeks, so we had our lounge television tuned to the shuttle launch. There were about 10 of us standing around watching.

It's always thrilling when they do the countdown, and the television coverage was so beautiful. Then things went horribly wrong, and the cameras caught the terrible explosion and breakup.

Very moving, but I remember my immediate concern was for all the children watching. The fact that a teacher was onboard was so hyped and publicized, I knew that hundreds of thousands of children had just been traumatized.
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There are serious discrepancies between the hand count and machine count districts, and there is a single company who is the chain of custody for all the machine counts. The company is owned by an avowed Republican, and a principle in the company has a felony conviction. All of this is circumstantial, but very, very, suspicious. Go to for the latest on potential vote fraud.
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The number 3 Democrat (Clinton) got over twice as many votes as the number 1 Republican (Huckabee).

Not sure what that says, but I don't think it's good news for Republicans in general.
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I've had this served to me, accidentally, in Forest Hills, NY. There's a sushi restaurant there the offers live scallops. I didn't know this, and ordered scallops, because I love (regular) scallop sushi.

The chef informed me he was out of scallops, but he did have razor clams. OK, I said, sure, that sounds fine. While I was waiting, I got to thinking: Razor clams are nothing like scallops. Why is he offering them to me as a substitute? Checking the menu, I saw their specialty was live scallops.

Just about then, the chef put a plate in front of me with two squirming clams on it.

They were delicious.
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The last dog we adopted was from a no-kill shelter -- she was essentially impossible to adopt out because she bit everyone else (9 people) who came to see her. Not nipped, BIT. She was a little 6-pound Japanese Chin, and she was hell on wheels.

The agency wanted 2 references, checked our credit, and made us fill out a 4-page application. All this for a truly un-adoptable little hellion. I understand their attitude, but inflexible policies are just not productive. The reason we have brains is to allow us to make exceptions based upon knowledge and reason. Blindly following 'the rules' is just lazy and stupid.

BTW, we tamed our little dog by taking her away from there in a 2-seat sports car, and stopping for burgers on the way home. She loved her cheeseburgers!
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This would have been great in 1980. Now it's just a horrifying idea. Can you imagine carrying a realistic gun in your hand every time it rains? You'd be shot, for sure, probably by the cops.
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Naturally, the main uses for robots are: vacuuming our rugs, building cars, and killing people.


This doesn't exactly resemble all the rosy future speculation about robots, does it?
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14 years later she released a highly revised edition that makes the doctor far more benevolent, and removes any indication of incest between him and his sister. This is a much more popular edition.

The story from the movies is markedly different from the original, and from the revision.

I find it worth noting that both Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula came from the same experience: Lord Byron's attempt to entertain his guests during the cold, dreary, positively wintery summer of 1816 (the year with no summer).

Challenge others to greatness!
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I've stayed at the Fairmont several times, it's always wonderful. Join their free "Presidents Club", and you get invited to the free wine reception on Wednesdays, among other perks.

The hotel is at the junction of 3 street-car routes, making it easy to get around town. The TV show "Hotel" was shot there, at least the first few episodes, after which they had used a Pasadena sound stage.

It's an expensive hotel, but so is every hotel in San Francisco. If you can get into the Fairmont at a rate you like, it has my recommendation. (FWIW)
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