Navy's Armed Sea-Bots

The US Navy is planning to make robotic ships - basically sea-bots that are armed to the teeth (gear? mechanical head?):

Lastly, there's the "Fleet Class," capable of staying in the water for 48 hours straight, and reaching speeds of up to 35 knots. The eleven-meter long USV would be used to do everything from carrying commandos to shore, jamming enemy communications, neutralizing mines, and delivering a "Harbor Class" drone. Naturally, it would carry its own guns and torpedoes, too, so it could conduct 'high end' surface warfare missions."

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What have we become?
The USA is all too willing to kill other people (mainly, it seems, brown skinned people living atop the USA's oil), has branded it's service personnel as 'warriors' and 'warfighters' (peacekeeper beiong far too faggoty) and now seeks to unleash a new arms race of remote controlled killing machines.
I truly weep for what we have become, and for what we could have been.
Bring on the mass extinction of humanity, I'm sickened by us...
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Naturally, the main uses for robots are: vacuuming our rugs, building cars, and killing people.


This doesn't exactly resemble all the rosy future speculation about robots, does it?
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