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Here's how it works. Your dog barks. The collar detects a noise coming from the dog. The noise is arbitrarily assigned into one of the categories: "I'm hungry!", "I love you!", "I'm mad!", and so on. The person who bought the device bought the device because he/she has no idea how to interpret barks. So the system appears to be right all of the time.
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Hurp derp. The submissions to Neatorama keep getting worse. The sentence was written: "..a system that uses sensors and Nintendo Wiimotes to give the impression of physical contact by holograms", but should have been written as "a system that uses ultrasonic pulses to give the impression of physical contact by holograms".
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Yeah this is probably a hoax. Given the weight and what the rotors are made of, I doubt it gets off the ground. If it does, there is the problem of control -- I doubt there is a way for the pilot to adjust the tail rotor speed, or to change the attitude of the rotors. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen..
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I didn't any information from the video. A cursory Google search makes GEET sound like it doesn't work with the engine under load. When it does work, it seems to improve mileage somewhat. I'd love a follow-up with some digestible facts / explanations..
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This blog post is misleading; the cat could not survive by itself, which is what your phrasing implies. Someone would have to calm down the cat, feed the cat, etc. which is what the vest helps out with. It's just an easy way to know where the cat supplies are, if you can find your cat.
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I read the article looking for how they maimed the animals. Surely enough: 15g weight dropped on their backs while anesthetized. In any case, this medication is going nowhere, as others have already pointed out.
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If we have learned anything from computer protocols and formats, it's that there will be thousands of variations of the "laws" that can barely interoperate.
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"Wow. You're an ass."

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

I would go even further and say that everyone looks worse with a tattoo. As far as self-expression goes, it's kind of a copout -- it's not like you climbed the Himalayas or write a novel. You sat there and let yourself get drawn on with permanent ink.
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