Scientists Create Fake DNA

A laboratory at Nucleix, a life-sciences company, was able to manufacture DNA that would be accurate enough to pass forensic scrutiny:

"You can just engineer a crime scene," Nucleix founder Dan Frumkin told The New York Times. "The current forensic procedure fails to distinguish between such samples of blood, saliva, and touched surfaces with artificial DNA, and corresponding samples with in vivo generated (natural) DNA," Frumkin and co-authors wrote in a recent Forensic Science International: Genetics study that announced the technological achievement.

Fortunately, the company offers a solution: one particular methyl group appears in naturally-occuring DNA, but not in Nucleix's product.

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Great, so now they've given an excuse to every scumbag attorney to wipe the books of one of the most powerful crime tools of the past 100 years.

Even if it would cost $20million and 10years to fark up a crime scene, the attorneys will be able to scream, "but it MAY.. JUST MAY be possible" and get all DNA evidence thrown out.

Thanks guys at Nucleix... (wonder who's funding THEM??)
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Fabricate DNA is, wow, fascinating to know. I just cant believe how science technology can be so advanced. And, I pity those innocent people who were convicted because of this kind of fabrication.
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