A Turnstile That Sprays You With Water

Still in the concept stage, the Watergate is an alternative to the turnstile. If you're disabled, getting through a turnstile can be a challenge. That's why designers Michael Tatschl, Sascha Mikel and Martin Schnabl came up with this solution. It would allow disabled people to get through, and spray everyone else with water.

Link via DVICE

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Cola, pardon me for assuming that people with disabilites wouldn't want to be sprayed with water. That is the deterrent factor here, isn't it?
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Also, it's a turnstile. I don't think it needs to "detect" disability any more than the big stall in the public restroom. The expectation is that putting this in a public place creates the requisite pressure to use it correctly.

Apparently, if you go to the link, the designers were concerned about people in flight in case of an emergency as well. This way people don't hurt themselves on a metal turnstile if there's a fire or something.
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Wow Ted. Native Speaker did not say it's okay to create a concept with no suggestions for implementation or practical use. NS said that Neatorama did not fully explain that this design is still very preliminary, so we don't know everything the makers have planned for it.
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@Native Speaker.

That was my original question. How would the turnstile be able to detect a disability? It's supposed to be automatic, or it would be pointless to create.

You're saying it's perfectly fine to create a concept without any idea or suggestions as to how it would have any practical use?

That's as stupid as "We don't have warp drive, and we have no idea how to make a warp drive, but if we did, it would look exactly like this".
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