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My chair is for once worn shirt and pants, to be worn again before hitting the laundry basket. This thing needs some hooks for ties, maybe the back should be shoulder shaped for jackets. I have not sat in the chair for 25 years.
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My most fervent desire when I enter the fuselage of an airplane is to get the hell off as soon as possible after it lands. Never have understood why people would loiter in an old fuselage.
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Borax and sugar water work, but you only attract more ants from outside the structure if you don't soak the entire foundation perimeter of the house with a borax and water solution. The borax eats holes in the chitin exoskeleton of the ants crossing the barrier, killing them. The ants inside the structure feed on the borax and sugar water, take it back to their nests inside the structure and feed it to the young. It takes about six weeks as the young hatch out and ingest the poison. You have to renew the barrier around the foundation every three weeks. After you have killed all the ants inside, you just need to keep putting a borax and water solution on the perimeter every three weeks to keep ants out. I use a watering can and a 5% solution. It works, but failing to persevere is what makes it appear that it does not.
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If the world goes as Capitol Hill has, prepare yourself for homeless heroin addicted street thugs, out of control drunks, prostitutes, gun violence, assaults and meth users using your stoop as a toilet. And rainbow crosswalks.
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