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Do re-runs matter for children's programming? After all, it's not as if they stay interested past a couple of years in any one thing anyway.

I could never understand why the Telletubbies had to be superceded by something else[1] when the target audience has moved on to pastures new and a whole new set of goggling eyes waits eagerly for the Noonoo's every slurp.

Our two were watching The Clangers, Bagpuss and 1940s Popeye the other day.

[1] Unless it's parents with more than one child start to climb the walls.
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That framework looks like steel - great for recycling of course, but I'd have thought well sourced wood would be more "eco", but then you can call anything green these days provided just one tiny component qualifies.
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Yeah - it was Brancusi - or Arp, wasn't it? It's in the Tate in London, anyway. Maybe it was Giacometti.

I'm 200 miles away, so I can't pop round for a look.
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I don't get this "Sue everyone for everything" culture. It's all wrong. Mistakes happen. What I would do, were I him, would be press for wrongful dismissal by his employers.
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