Cockney ATM

Photo: Times of London

Bank Machine, an ATM operator in Britain, now has five cash machines in London that offer users the opportunity to conduct their business in the cockney dialect. It's a promotional gimmick designed to amuse customers:

“Readin’ your bladder of lard”, read the message on the screen. It asked for his “Huckleberry Finn”. Then more bewildering questions: did he wanted to see his balance on the Charlie Sheen? Did he wish to change his Huckleberry Finn or did he simply require sausage and mash, with or without a receipt?

Link via DVICE

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"Free speech jerk off, it’s what makes Neatorama neat."

I thought it was all the interesting links that made Neatorama neat. =p

Also, you have no understanding of the concept of free speech. For starters, that clause only protects you from the federal government, not private entities. It also doesn't protect you from others' reactions to whatever you decide to say, including comment-deletion reactions. Telling you to shut up or to at least stop swearing (or even ridiculing you for being an oversensitive, self-righteous, brash jerk) is nowhere close to violating your rights.
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And again you delete a valid point.

"And I wave my magic wand. Troll be gone"

By John, you're a real waste of my time and by far the biggest Troll I've seen on this site in 2 years.

Buhbye, please watch your step as you depart from reality John.
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