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The featured picture is a bottle being used as an overflow for the radiator. I've done it, it works however glass is not a safe choice as it will heat and explode. I have had better luck with 24oz beer cans.
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I think it's the biggest crap shoot ever... okay maybe not EVER but the price tag is unnecessary especially in today's tough economic times... Think of how may hungry mouths you could feed with that kind of money! It's a disgrace is what it is. Human Beings are fools!
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okay I am 31 now when I was 10 my baby sitter who was an art student in San Francisco did her bathroom to look like Super Mario Brothers. She had astroturf, fake bricks, green pipes the whole bit. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever!
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ARRGGGHHH! This bothers me...

Yes, it is Amazing! I thought it was amazing before they destroyed it. I really had a hard time appreciating the destruction of such a facinating structure.

Like watching NY get dug up by some huge monster...
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This is sad to me.

Do I think the US is infallible? Far from it!
I do think we are being a bit heavy on the scrutiny? Absolutely!

I thought the opening ceremony was beautiful! I praise China on its integrity in providing a wonderfully spectacular opening! I think they succeeded above and beyond!

However, this is sad.

We are talking a beautiful little girl with a wonderful voice who was well deserving of the spot light. This is sad to me because this little angel is being taught that no matter what her talent, beauty is everything.

And to the little "beauty" you will always be a winner based on looks alone... So sad, perhaps she will grow into a homely adult and have nothing but the notion that her beauty was the only thing of substance she had to offer.

In a world where beauty does prevail... how sad it is that we perpetuate the ideal even among the tiniest little talents.
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Well said Oldie!

Some times we all need to do our best to see the glass half full rather than half empty. It truly is sad that it is mostly in the event of tragedy or inconvenience that we make changes for the better. But hey, at least some changes are being made.
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Funny I felt commpelled to write this today and then saw this article and so I feel it is a perfect comment...

I like many people these days are feeling the strain of our economy, soaring food prices and sky rocketing fuel prices. Recently I learned that I could take the train to work and decided to give it a try. My monthly round trip ticket costs 137.00 a month. When I was driving I was spending close to 400.00 a month. In addition to the money I am saving my compute has been shortened by 15 to 20 minutes.

I walk to the station every morning which lucky for me is not far. Sure I have to get up a little earlier but I have found that my morning walk is actually perking my mood. Here in the City or Orange where I live there are wild Parrots and it is always neat to see them flying from palm tree to palm tree. The manicured laws add an additional bonus as I actually have time to stop and smell the roses. Consequently by the time I arrive at the train station I am quite peaceful opposed to being frustrated by morning traffic.

The train ride is pleasant. All I have to do is sit there and let the conductor get me to where I am going. Lucky for me my stop is the second the train makes. My ride is a total of 15 minutes. Once I arrive at the train station I have to board a bus to complete my commute. The idea of taking the bus was not something I looked forward to but the experience is what has lead me to want to write this note.

As I said and as I am sure you know, many of us are feeling the strain right now. Very few are sheltered from the over bearing financial stress we as a nation are feeling. With this said you can imagine that I am not the only person who has sought alternative transportation. The trains get busier and busier every day and so do the buses.

Everyday we all board the train/bus trying to get to work just to try to make a living. I have always had a certain frustration with people in general as it is so often I notice that the vast majority has what I like to call, “I am the only person on earth syndrome”. For example the people who bump you in their rush to get some where and never think for a second to say excuse me. Or even as simple as avoiding eye contact and or a friendly good morning when sharing the same space.

Well I have been quite surprised lately. Every morning when I board the bus every seat is taken. In addition to the seats being taken there are always at least 15 people standing which pretty much takes up any and all room humanly possible. Yeah it is a bit humid with all this body heat, and most of us are crammed in with each other much more closely that we would prefer, but much to my surprise rather than being hostile or grumpy about it people are being considerate.

It is almost as if we all have been humbled at bit. Men get up and allow woman to sit while they stand. Laughs are exchanged when the bus jerks you into someone else’s personal space. Friendships are being formed from our discomfort rather than hostility. It is truly a wonderful thing for me to experience. Perfect strangers all with a similar goal working together to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Two days ago the train was delayed due to a suicide on the tracks. The train stopped running around 1pm and did not resume until 5pm. As u can imagine many people were stranded and by the time the train reached each stop the number of people boarding had quadrupled. With the trains stocked full daily this lead to some pretty severer conditions. We were all crammed in that train like sardines. When the train arrived in Tustin where I board in the afternoon it was standing room only. The train was alive with laughter and chatter. We were all just so glad to be headed home. When the train stopped in Santa Ana it was ridiculous. Riotous conditions and yet the adventure continued as we all just made room. When the train stopped in Orange which is where I get off the looks on the faces of those waiting to board were hilarious, as it was clear it was going to take some serious human Tetris like maneuvering to get them all on. As the train pulled away I watch from the street as the conductor on the loud speaker cautioned everyone to watch their arms and legs the doors were closing. Literally the doors were closing within inches or peoples noses.

The next day the train was alive with conversation about the adventure of the day prior and more bonds were formed.

Lastly not only are we all humbling ourselves and opening our eyes the others around us we are lessoning the impact of our carbon foot prints. All in all the strife we are enduring is actually bring us together and inadvertently helping our planet. I encourage you to look into your local transit as an alternative to your daily drive. You too may find that it brightens your day.

Also I thank each and every person I have come in contact with during my commute. You have in a small way helped renew my faith in man kind.
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