Not Cute Enough for the Olympics!

Millions of viewers were captivated by Lin Miaoke, the cute little girl who sang during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Problem was, she was lip-synching because the real singer, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, was deemed not cute enough:

"The reason was for the national interest," said Chen Qigang, the ceremony's musical director, in a state radio interview. "The child on camera should be flawless in image, internal feeling and expression. ... Lin Miaoke is excellent in those aspects."

The decision was made at the highest levels, Chen said.

"We had to do it," he said. "We'd been through several inspections. They're all very strict. When we rehearsed at the spot, there were several spectators from various divisions, especially leaders from the Politburo, who gave the opinion it must change."


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moreover, lin miaoke and yang peiyi are both at the top of their class in school...lin wants to be a doctor and yang wants to be a teacher. both can succeed in their dreams no matter whether or not they continue their acting and singing.
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Yes, Yang Peiyi was known for her stage fright. In one of her previous performances she started to cry as the song began and a few times her voice didn't come out fully in her performances because she was nervous. However, her voice really is amazing. I think what would be acceptable is if they pre-recorded her but have her stand there and lip-synch to her own voice.

Lin Miaoke is not just a pretty face like most people think. She is actually a child actress and had already acted significant roles in two tv shows and signed the contract for another movie before the olympics. Since then she has starred in three more tv shows and one movie. She can cry whenever the script states. however, her singing voice is extremely average, maybe even less than average. if China wanted to use her in the ceremony because she is a child star, fine, but don't let her "sing". any other role in the ceremony would be just as well.

or what about a duet? a child star singing with a girl with an angel's voice.

moreover, China is a large country...i have seen many girls prettier than miaoke and nicer voices than peiyi...they couldn't find a girl who was both?
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First off, we don't know for sure that Yang wasn't chosen because she wasn't "cute enough." What they've commented on and confirmed was that she had a poor stage presence. Secondly, the media should really be ashamed, and be to blame for making Yang have any self-image/self esteem problems. For all we know, the people in charge could have chosen not to use her due to her having stage fright, or not feeling comfortable performing live. But the media finds out, and they find a photo of her in which she's not dolled up and wearing make up, and they compare it to a photo of a girl who IS dolled up and wearing make up, and they come to the conclusion that it must have been because girl #1 wasn't pretty enough. And that very well may have been the reason she wasn't chosen, but it's unconscionable to make those kind of statements about a perfectly beautiful young girl on the international scene, like the media has. My heart goes out to both little girls for being subjected to nasty comments by people all over the world.
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Sad really. A few years down the track this little girl will read back over what was written at the time. She will see that a bunch of twits in China dubbed her NOT CUTE ENOUGH to publicly deliver her talent to the world
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