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That's...that's just horrible.

I mean, have fun with it, but either half of those animals are undercooked, or all of them are overdone. For as awesome as the ingredients list might sound, it's likely quite disgusting.
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Wow, that's absolutely frightening. Where is this place again so I don't ever have to worry about the stray gunfire from the road-rage inflicted bumpkins?
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I was gonna snark about how Chuck Norris and his "meat meat sports beer" approach to everything is played out, but damn did other commenters get to it first. :D
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Sheesh. Insert one politician, and immediately people are splicing and dicing every syllable of every sentence spoken. I almost wish the video had cut off early so people got the point about the cat and didn't use the post as an excuse to whine about Pelosi.
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I'm with Mary F here - this is what happens when airlines ridiculously overbook flights and there aren't enough seats to go around. The airline violated federal law by allowing more people on than they could properly and safely seat, but that's a matter between the airline and the FAA.

I do have to admit though, 2 million bucks is a lot of money for someone flying gratis and, like Sid said, suffered no real monetary damages. And his emotional damage could be easily repaired with a free ticket to whatever his eventual destination is - maybe even in first class, since I totally understand that it must have sucked for him to be in the bathroom like that.
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Don't forget the home office snapshots blog at as well! I'm almost more entertained at looking at people's home offices than their company workspaces. :D
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In nature, Pierre would have been dead years ago. Penguins live about 15 years in the wild, 20 in captivity. Pierre was going on his 25th birthday, and was patriarch of his colony. Yeah, yeah, natural selection blah blah.

As for the cause of his baldness, the medical tests the scientists at CAS performed were inconclusive, but he started growing his feathers back about six weeks after wearing the suit. :)

Another happy story, including an interview with the scientist that takes care of Pierre:

He's a trooper! :D
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I'm with Edward - I forsee a lot of water in emptied-out Gatorade bottles in the very near future. :)

Let's hear it for the power of High Fructose Corn Syrup!
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Given some of the comments on the previous post, there are people with their chain saws and bulldozers ready to kill off the ancient thing. :(
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