Captain Capitalism on Why Saving is Bad for America

In this Flash comic "Piggy Bank Pinko", Captain Capitalism explains why it's bad - heck, down right communistic - to save money.

Kid: Captain Capitalism! Wow! What are you doing here?
Captain Capitalism: I think the better question, son, is just what do you think you're doing here?
Kid: Putting money in my piggybank ...
CC: Cripping our nation by stagnating the economy and throwing us into another recession is more like it, commie! | Check out more Captain Capitalism by Brad Graeber | Captain Capitalism Blog - Thanks Mangesh!

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>Buy gold.

A foolish notion. If you adjust for dollar values and inflation, gold values have remained relatively static. Only reason gold seems to valuable now is because the Dollar is so weak.
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Damn, NO! Spending money rather than saving isn't capitalism, that's Keynesiasm! There is really no point in saying that saving money creates communism! To let work capitalism work in full earnest, there should be no additional money poured into the economy. By keeping interest artificially low (by creating credit into the banking system) the fed devaluates the dollar, which discourages savings and encourages spending. The additional money poured into the economy creates booms and busts (like the tech boom and the housing boom) not productive for the economy because it creates overinvestments and liquidations. The endresult of the whole Keynesian is that overall high-order prices are much to high in comparison of wages, salaries. Also an inflationary boom creates malinvestments: to much consumption of high-order goods creates price increases of lower-order goods (like energy, food, commodities, etc...) later down the road. The point what I want to make is that Keynesiasm is NOT capitalism, it socialism in sheep's clothes! In the end everyone will suffer, because the economy will enforce itself into savings by redirecting your real income (which is disminished by inflation) to the high paying exec's which get ritcher and do save! For a real good explanation into why real savings are a necessary part of capitalism, I recommend two books: "What has the government done with our money?" from Murray N. Rothbard and "Human Action" from Ludwig von Mises both available on
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>Hmm… oh great, so they’re saying “it’s good to spend money” - even when you don’t have it.

and within that, what they're probably really saying is "Spend it all now before the dollar is worth less than toilet paper!"
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