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This story is a fake. Consider the other stories this "Newspaper" considered their Editor's best picks.

# The woman with a chronic fear of... kneecaps

SUZANNE MOORE: Man, woman or dignified hermaphrodite? Caster must decide, no one else

Pictured: The Queen staying at a Best Western hotel (or is it really her?)

PETER HITCHENS: Our children can't hold a knife and fork, so what does UNESCO teach them?

Also note that in the top ten are only lies that men with overbearing wives tell to benefit their wives feelings.
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Exactly Gauldar,

My Pug is extremely smart and can perform a lot of jobs we didn't teach it, however the dog is very stubborn when you want to teach it tricks.

Dogs just have different missions in life and sometimes owners try to train them for things they weren't bred to do. My Pug likes to try and herd children like they were pack animals but i would never try to teach it to the dog because that's not what pugs are good at.

(mine is the best at making unusual sounds)
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And exactly how much better is it to have a dog with a smeared poop ring around their behind ?

I'd rather pick up the stuff.
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I've been working on these all day but i still can't come up with better than "Oikers Away!!"

Congrats Lisa G. Your Kung Fu is much powerful.
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