There Be Giants: The Biggest Dogs in The World

A list of the biggest dog breeds in the world, including the usual suspects and such marvels as the Deerhound, the Neapolitan Mastiff and the Leonberger.  Strange how the bigger the dog, generally the softer and dafter that they get.  Out of this entire collection there is only one who would be good as a guard dog.

The English Mastiff, in terms of mass is the big daddy of all dogs and its dimensions particularly that of the male are something to be believed. Every inch of this dog gives off strength and power - if the planet Krypton had a dog then this would probably be it. The world record holding breed for weight, this dog can weigh up to two hundred and fifty pounds for a male and around fifty pounds less than a female.

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I am owned by a Great Dane. Monty is 39 at the shoulder, a true gentle giant. A good guard dog especially when the grandchildren are in residence. The only time he barks at people passing by the house, or sleeps in front of the door.

As intelligence goes...on the list more than 1/2 way down may take him awhile to learn a command...but the love he gives makes him worth it. My Border was smart as a whip, but more interested in 'working' for you than kissing and cuddling.
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Exactly Gauldar,

My Pug is extremely smart and can perform a lot of jobs we didn't teach it, however the dog is very stubborn when you want to teach it tricks.

Dogs just have different missions in life and sometimes owners try to train them for things they weren't bred to do. My Pug likes to try and herd children like they were pack animals but i would never try to teach it to the dog because that's not what pugs are good at.

(mine is the best at making unusual sounds)
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I noticed some people have a tendancy to think that dumb = hard to train. Obedience and intelligence are two different things, and training is more of a habitual routine then have anything to do with intellectual reasoning.
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I love big dogs. Wish we could get a big one next, but I know my hubby wants to keep our next canines on the smaller size.
It really is amazing to hear how gentle the breeds are in general.
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