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As much as I support diasbled-friendly things, the last thing we need is blind drivers... god help us if this becomes more than a school project...
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Well, it would help if the default password wasn't DOTS, and that you can reset the password to DOTS by pressing a few keys. I mean, seriously, who's the idiot who made these signs...
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Pop music = sucks. It's only popular because pretty people sing it.

Alot of great songs only use three chords. They don't have to be complex to sound good.

And yea, what the title said, it only needs 4 chords to be a HIT song, not a good song.
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I love being Chinese since it is acceptable to eat messily. It's actually considered a compliment to the chef. Nice for me since I'm such a klutz.
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I always thought it was a trilobite, but I think that's just because I was haunted with those disgusting things in my old house's basement..
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