Should Roman Polanski Be Arrested?

So. Three decades after he fled Los Angeles, director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland.

In 1977, Polanski pled guilty of "unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor" to avoid being charged with rape by use of drugs (he gave alcohol and quaaludes to the then-13-year-old female model he was doing a photo shoot with) and sodomy, amongst other charges. He fled the United States before his sentencing and has been avoiding traveling to countries that could extradite him ever since. The victim has since forgiven him and settled a civil suit against Polanski for an unspecified amount.

Granted, the Polanski case was tawdry. It was filled with celebrity, sex, drugs and violence (not to mention charges of ethical misconduct of the judge presiding over the case). In short, it was the stuff of Hollywood. So the media frenzy of the arrest was not unexpected. But what surprised me was the diplomatic row that ensued when both France and Poland (Polanski is a dual citizen of both countries) protested Polanski's arrest.

Is rape of a minor not a serious offense in those two countries? How about fleeing and being a fugitive from the law (while not exactly hiding - Polanski continued to direct award-winning films even with warrants outstanding)? Was the arrest outrageous, as journalist Anne Applebaum wrote in a column for The Washington Post? Or was it justice finally being served?

What do you think of the whole drama?


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I agree with those that vote this not so Neat-o-rama. It usually stays away from this troll and flamewar producing material.

My vote: Not Neat
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For those of you thinking he should be let go...if we let him go, we have to let all other prisoners who haven't been sentenced go.

See, he is a CONVICTED criminal. However, he hasn't served a sentence for his crime. When he ran, he did so to avoid sentencing...he had already admitted his guilt by taking a guilty plea. Regardless of who believes he should be let go or who is a victim or not...the bottom line is if we let him go, it undermines the entire justice system.

He should be sentenced and carry out his sentence like any other criminal out there. What he does for a living, how much money he has, or where he lives means nothing...he didn't serve a sentence for his crimes and so he needs to now.
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The one thing I take away from this whole situation is that you can commit a crime and get away with it if your famous enough. Why should we punish him now? Isn't it the fault of society for letting him go for so long? What point is there to punish him now?

Honestly putting anybody over the age of 70 in prison is like providing free nursing home care at this point.
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No one is above the law. We must treat everyone the same. He must be prosecuted and condemned according to the law. I am astonished by people who supposes to be against rapists but supports Polanski. Is unbelievable the support of Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, David Lynch, Martin Scorcese.... Do they believe themselves as superior men? Above the law? Consensual sex with a 13 y/o girl + alcohol and drugs?
What if Roman Polanki were a catholic priest? or a politician?. No one is above the law. Hollywood, Church, Politics, Roman Polanski or John Doe.
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