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The turkey does indeed retail for over $10, although this is more than most sane people would ever pay for an inflatable meat product.

I was pretty darn disappointed when I opened the package, but decided to just consider the expense a donation to support Neatorama.

I have no hidden desire to terrify my cat, so I wish it had -some- use. I'd use it as a travel pillow, but it seems too squeaky.
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This dog was obviously last in line for brains. But I too find it mildly cruel to tease the dog. I think most parents taught their children not to treat pets this way when they were two.... and now Neato posts it as entertainment... the proud tradition of continues!
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It's beyond me why Neato keeps posting videos of animals being misused by people. First the bug fights, now this! What's next..."How to make a kitten in a jar!" Disgusting.
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Looks to me like a staged event. Note how the man reaches well over the counter with his suspiciously large arm. I'd assume that most people with guns point them at people rather than try to poke them with them.
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It would be much safer (for both horse and handlers) and less traumatic to the animals to handle them in chutes for the trimming and branding. It is how the American wild horses are handled... for the most part.

Additionally, there is no reason that the hair should need to be cut from the horses. All the removal of the hair does is remove the horses' natural defenses from flying insects. You need only to look at the photos on the site to see how horrific the process is.

Spain seems to love their festivals of animals in "uncomfortable" situations.
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I loved the note from Gus's owners on the site, "Every beauty contestant needs a platform, and Gus’ is to bring awareness and hope to people with pets that have been diagnosed with cancer." Having a pet who recently passed away from cancer, I have to agree that beauty for these poor canine cancer patients is much more than skin deep. Quality vs. quantity of life is a hard line to walk with these guys.
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I had a cousin who played Pluto. It's definitely a very demanding job... and yeah, never heard anything good about their management style. Certainly not the happiest place on earth for employees. ;)
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