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Skipweasel, you're absolutely, 1,000,000% correct. Thank you for articulating the reasons I was captivated by this video and watched ever second of it.
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What I love is that there is a random raccoon standing next to her, because, I mean, why just have a wearable birdcage when you can have a raccoon stand next to you too.
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Stars are a very common Gangster Disciple symbol.


Where do you thing gangs are most prevalent? Inner cities? You'd be wrong. "Middle America" is where the gangs are. Schools must take a hard line stance or be over run.

@ Rozeilla

Gangs no longer are affiliated with race lines. The white kid whose parents are married and take him to church every week is just as likely to be a gang member (and for many reasons those kids are more dangerous.
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There are some great modern authors listed and some great classical authors listed...

If you want to look smart in a coffee shop and be entertained and read something deep without being hard to read:


He is always deeper than he seems, he is always easy to read, he is always a good choice.
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I thought this was common knowledge. Not only is styrofoam cheaper and greener to make, it works better too.

No need for that extra paper sleeve on your cup when using styrofoam.

Give me the better insulated, greener, cheaper choice any day.
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Wow! This is so convincing!

I mean, there is nothing at all like a completely non-scientific poll of mostly left of center Americans (and a fair share of foreigners) to tell me that we are going to enter a recession.

@neat police: I beg to differ, it is neat to see how much recession rhetoric people are buying into.
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