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@Lisa: you dident' :)
I was just agreeing your post "too bad it’s North Korea." and adding the precision about getting paid for performing in "others-more-open-countries".
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Somehow the missing link between Circus and Musicals?

As LisaL said: it's North Korea, I doubt the performers are paid regarding the huge training and efforts of theirs.
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amazing! Really amazing,

As a kid, I aways wondered how they never forget any piece into the box.

"Dad, does a man gets paid to check every box and count every Lego piece?" (Calvin and Hobbes style)
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one of my friends told me he saw this documentary on TV years ago.

I never believed him.

thanks to youtube, now he can regain his honour! :D

(indian people sure have... in their pants, yes mam'!)
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