Mass Games in North Korea

"Mass games" are group athletic events in which the performance of the individual is deemphasized in favor of the performance of the group as a whole.  They are thus well suited to the philosophy embodied by socialist/communist states, but the components of such games are also employed for other major events such as Olympic opening and closing shows.

The video above includes the closing moments from the movie "A State of Mind," documenting mass games in North Korea.

YouTube link.

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I don't know anything about Mass Games in North...
Is there any kind of help for me...?
Is there any ideas about rules and regulations of that game...?
If yes, post here.....
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@Lisa: you dident' :)
I was just agreeing your post "too bad it’s North Korea." and adding the precision about getting paid for performing in "others-more-open-countries".
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While the gymnastic work is impressive, I'm confused on a couple of points. First, group performance art such as this is not limited to communist countries. Why the "message"? And second, why is almost the entire video shots of individuals, when the point behind the art form is the collective presentation? Can we get a better video, please?

I think this in an excerpted clip from something else entirely.
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