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A waste of time and money? You could argue that about a lot of things. Public statues, art of any kind, non-functional decorative features on buildings, and so on. The pyramids were presumably a waste of time and money but we marvel at them. Perhaps people will marvel at this project in centuries to come. I certainly hope that people continue to 'waste' time and money - life would be incredibly drab and utilitarian without such endeavours.
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$8 million? $8 MILLION?! Presumably several companies bid for the contract and then they decided the best (and cheapest?!) course of action was to spend $8 MILLION on the problem. Isn't the problem being looked at from the wrong end? Surely the production process needs tightening up - not 'how do we detect empty boxes' but 'how do we make sure boxes are never empty in the first place'.

The phrase 'more money than sense' seems highly appropriate here.
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I'm hopeful that the owners of the books, having failed to dispose of them, are merely trying to use the shock value of 'we will burn these books if nobody helps us' to make this a newsworthy article and thus get the help they need. The story would not be so noteworthy if they'd just said, 'if nobody wants them, well, we'll have to just keep them'.

If not, of all the things you could do with books, the last thing anybody should go for is burning. Can they not at least be pulped and recycled? Shredded into nest material for a billion hamsters? Show some imagination!
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And the lesson from this, presumably, is that if you have a lot of money and no talent you can call yourself an artist.

Watching the video, however, it's hard not to be pleased for the owner, who had the best sales day of his life. And as the artists' site says, "Having befriended Hercules after years of visiting his store, Jody learned that his 40-year plus business was at risk of shutting down by the end of the month."

Charity, then, but definitely not art.
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Try it yourself with one grain of rice for each of your Facebook 'friends' just to put that number into perspective. Actually I could do that with bananas and still feel inadequate :o(
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In the back of my mind, hidden under my thoughts of 'what a waste of time, even if he'd finished it' was the knowledge that we have all 'wasted' a lot of time doing pretty pointless things (I just watched a video about someone who built a huge domino pyramid, for instance). Sometimes just having something to do keeps us happy. And of course you just KNOW he'll try again, possibly a bigger one. Good luck to him!
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marishka, my thoughts exactly. It's not as if we're short of hot, sunny desert areas is it - even a few square miles of panels will generate some serious power.
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Start with this statement:
a 4-year-old can do abstract art

add the word 'even' and you get:
even a 4-year-old can do abstract art

Crap like this is all marketing and no talent. But of course if I knew how to do it I'd be making money from crap too :o)
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I remember an article from the old days of text-based adventure games explaining how they had to parse for sentences such as 'plant the pot plant in the plant pot'
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Many, many times I've put together an angry reply, read and edited it and then realised that I would just be opening myself up to a whole world of grief from responders to MY post, realising that I just didn't care enough about the subject to start up a flame war, however small. Not posting doesn't change my opinion, but that way I don't have to defend it to anyone and can sit smugly knowing that I'm right :o)
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Flushing toilet versus rinsing down the sink:
For about 2 years I have used very little water in the bathroom... and that's all I'm prepared to say on my permanent Internet record!
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The only difference between this nutjob and other Christians is that he thinks he knows the specific date of the event. The ridiculous things he imagines are going to happen are believed by 'normal' Christians too, it's just that they don't have an appointment in their diaries. And I do say 'normal' with a generous portion of sarcasm.
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