Now Guys Can Feel Pregnant Too

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Takuya Iwamoto from theĀ Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology created this virtual pregnancy outfit that simulates the interior kicking and wriggling experienced by expectant mothers. It also has an interactive feature that shows the virtual fetus on a video screen responding when the wearer's tummy is stroked.

The device can replicate the 9-month long process in two minutes or it can be worn for a longer period to experience what it feels like day-to-day. To mimic the fetus, it contains a 4-litre bag filled with warm water. Kicking movement is recreated with a lining of 45 balloons that expand and contract.

I wonder if they'll devise an outfit that simulates morning sickness and/or giving birth.


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On second thought, I shouldn't be so desirous of having others feel my pain. Then we'd all suffer. Rather, I will suffer quietly and in so doing minimize the amount of suffering wholescale. Because if I complain about it you are going to wonder "What can I do about it?" and then I'm going to say "You can be a lot more considerate." It's painful just thinking about it. I'd rather be served up chewy steak and suffer for it than say "How could you be so inconsiderate, you know I can't eat this!"
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I'm nursing broken articulating cartiledge in my tempormandibular joint. I've been raising it for over 20 years. Hurts like a bitch. I wish they'd make a device that would kick you in the jaw several times in one night so you can wake up with migraines that last all day. Then you will know how I feel. Whine, pout, moan, etc...
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