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@ted: If it was any other zoo, I'd probably agree. But I live in Leipzig and the zoo is pretty awesome.
There's even a show about it; you can watch the livestream every friday, 06:50 pm (UTC) here:
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Boondock Saints?! What?! That movie is awesome!

My picks would be:
4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
The Hills Have Eyes
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Una notte al cimitero
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Tha ball is inside her body. If she falls so hard as to crack the ball, the shards won't be a problem anymore.

@PrincessPi: They most definitely put her on Immunosupressives. As a matter of fact, she'll be taking them her whole life.
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I agree with BlessedBlogger and ak. Some of those scenes were funny but most of the time there was just a jerk doing idiotic things. The part that bothered me most, was in the restaurant: Who do you think is going to clean up all this shit?
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Jesus is Good: "Ken Ham is a very articulate intelligent voice of reason against you darwinists."

Yes, he's such a winner, even his fellow creationists can't stand him anymore.

Okay, I'll stop feeding the troll now.
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Mooncake: "and it’s a psychological phenomena that most men have the desire to bang their mom (and vice versa with girls and their fathers)."

Got any studies to proof that or are you kidding?

Jesus is Good: "[...]so that BOTH sides of the controversy are taught."

Except, there IS NO controversy!

dogrun81: "[...] there actually are christians who are sane, rational, intelligent (relatively), and have a sense of humor."

Those characteristics would actually exempt them from the status "fundie".
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"It doesen’t matter if she acquiesces to the Hijab, just as if a 16year old agrees to have sex with a 40year old. It is still rape."

Nice way of spitting into the face of every women that actually got raped, asshole!
The Hijab is an article of clothing. Even if I wouldn't want to, wearing it doesn't even come close to getting raped!

Islam is a backwards religion incompatible with the 21st century.

So is Christianity.

"When’s the last time you saw a Christian, radical or no, strap a vest packed with explosives on a mentally retarded girl & send her into a crowded market, then detonate that vest?"

Haven't seen that particular case but I have seen Christians bombing abortion clinics...
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"Paparazzi don’t go into buildings to get shots. They wait until people go out and about. I have yet to see a paparazzi shot that came from the inside of a private residence."

Really? Then I must have imagined all those pictures of celebs in their garden, on their balcony, through windows inside their fucking homes...
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@ Jimbo: People like you always seem to forget that those "specialists" can get cancer, too, and would probably liked to be cured and search for another job than all that money while dying of cancer.
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NY Time's take on the matter

It's not the first news article I've read about discrimination against atheists in the military, so I doubt it was Hall just being "a pussy" or "pushing" his lack of faith on other people. He's just the first one to actually do something about it, which I can only applaud him for.

Johnny Cat said: "They make a big ass deal out of their atheism, to the point of irritation."

So, refusing to pray or going to mass is now "making a big ass deal"? Aren't the Christians being pussies here, getting all butthurt about somebody not believing in their god?

Moodindigo said: "Atheism = A philosophical stance against theism, not a religious belief."

There's still such a things as religious Atheism.
Religion encompasses more than just theism. As you said, Atheism is the rejection of theism, the disbelief in any gods or deities; it does not exclude other religious beliefs. (For example: Jainism or Humanistic Judaism)
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