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I don't really care about expiration dates as long as the food still looks and smells okay.
For meat and fish I use my cat as the tester; if he doesn't want it, it goes into the bin, otherwise I'll still eat it.
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There's a difference between "It’s also easy to imagine how sarcasm might be selected over time as evolutionarily crucial" and "sarcasm is actually an evolutionary survival skill".
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Makes up for alle the girls that get aborted or killed in India/China.

The rest of the article is interesting, too:

"Still, there is no proof that pollution is responsible, and data from surrounding Lambton County don't show a similar impact. The findings represent a "short period of time and a small population" and require further study, said Dean Edwardson, general manager of the Sarnia-Lambton Environmental Association, which represents area industry.

Experts note other factors might include diet, alcohol use, smoking and occupational exposures. [...]"

They should probably do something about all those toxins anyway...
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@ bean:

Adam is right, Myanmar is under a military dictatorship; the Communist Party of Burma has been of no relevance since 1989.
And getting "support" by Communist China doesn't mean the nation itself is Communist. Especially since China couldn't care less about ideology right now - building military bases in Myanmar to better monitor India and building streets to give China access to the Indian Ocean is the point of all this financial and military aid.
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"There are so many people in my generation with healthy incomes that have just had to accept they’ll never be able to afford a home, and will have to raise their kids in apartments."

What's so bad about that?
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There are some stalls where you can buy small candy in the form of vulvas but otherwise it's all about the cock. But then, it's just a reflection of Japanese society which is still pretty darn sexist.
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'"My Beautiful Mommy" focuses on a mother explaining an impending nose job [...]'

And if the daughter has the same nose as mommy, she'll always think her nose is not good enough and that she'll never be pretty without invasive surgery...

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