My Beautiful Mommy: Children's Book About Plastic Surgery

Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer saw an unfulfilled niche and decided to do something about it: he wrote a children's book about mommy's plastic surgery!

"My Beautiful Mommy," written by Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is billed by its author as the first book that explains plastic surgery to kids, an issue with which he says many of his patients struggle.

"More than half the women that come in for procedures bring their children with them," he said. "And most parents go into
denial about the surgery with regard to their children."

"My Beautiful Mommy" focuses on a mother explaining an impending nose job and tummy tuck to her young daughter, who is scared that her mommy may look different. Mommy also undergoes a breast enhancement in the book, a fact depicted only through the illustrations so as not to get too graphic for child readers.

Link - via Miss Cellania

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So, it's a stereotypical view of women?

Welcome to the real world, MoonCake, despite all the so-called "progress".

Despite so many years of indoctrination, it's still a fact that people will judge you - male or female - based on your looks. If you want evidence of the continuing bias, just look at the "glasses on the truck driver makes him a professor" post here on Neatorama.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to educate kids on the fact that real beauty is on the outside, because that's what gets you stuff in life. And that's all that really matters.
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i agree that it's necessary to explain this to children and the intention of the book was a good one.


why isn't it daddy's cosmetic surgery? men receive it too. we're supposed to be living in a balanced, equal community these days ("supposed to" can only go so far, i know) and be able to explain to children that EVERYONE has the same opportunities. this book perpetuates a stereotype (however true it may be..) that women are shallow and obsessed with outer appearances (however true THIS may be..), but MEN ARE TOO! i would be very surprised to learn if this book mentions a daddy at all, and even more surprised if there was a second mommy instead. but yes- this book is dumb and i disagree with it.
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