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My Beautiful Mommy: Children's Book About Plastic Surgery

Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer saw an unfulfilled niche and decided to do something about it: he wrote a children's book about mommy's plastic surgery!

"My Beautiful Mommy," written by Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is billed by its author as the first book that explains plastic surgery to kids, an issue with which he says many of his patients struggle.

"More than half the women that come in for procedures bring their children with them," he said. "And most parents go into
denial about the surgery with regard to their children."

"My Beautiful Mommy" focuses on a mother explaining an impending nose job and tummy tuck to her young daughter, who is scared that her mommy may look different. Mommy also undergoes a breast enhancement in the book, a fact depicted only through the illustrations so as not to get too graphic for child readers.

Link - via Miss Cellania

You've got to be kidding me.

Here's a good idea for a writer looking for an unfulfilled niche. How about a book for kids who's parents get a sex change? We'll call it "Why Your Mother Is Now The Man".
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Poor women. Wonder if they focus as much as being beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside.

In the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, it is now not uncommon to find teens who have undergone face and body surgery in some competitive nations.

Can you guess which of these winners have been under the knife?????

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One of the lines from the book is that 'mommy will come back looking different and prettier.' I don't have anything against people having cosmetic surgery and I do understand how a woman's body is massively altered by pregnancy. But I dislike the messages the book transmits: pretty on the outside is more important; mommy isn't as pretty was she was before YOU arrived; daddys don't need cosmetic surgery.
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Hmmm....I think I have several ideas to fill other niche voids:

"So..your Daddy is addicted to crack"

"Your real Daddy delivers the mail"

"Why does Mommy have so many men stay the night?
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"Why are you doing this, Mommie?"

"Well, Honey, your Mommie can't accept who she is, and has given in to the popular belief that you have to look a certain way in order for people to like and/or accept you. Ultimately, she has given in to the idea that it's what's on the outside that counts. Even though several decades of women's rights has helped overcome this, Mommie is still swayed by popular opinion, and perpetuating the delusion that you can overcome a lack of personality with good looks."
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If it was a book on how the doctor is going to fix mommy's congenital deformity or the damage done from an accident, that's another story. This is just stupid.

What's next? A book called "Why Are Mommy's Teeth Blindingly White?" Or how about "Mommies Dye Their Hair So Daddies Will Still Love Them"? What kind of message do we want to send to children?
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'"My Beautiful Mommy" focuses on a mother explaining an impending nose job [...]'

And if the daughter has the same nose as mommy, she'll always think her nose is not good enough and that she'll never be pretty without invasive surgery...

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This made my stomach hurt. It's sad that as a society we feel that it's necessary for this not only be written but also published. Sick.
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As sick as this is, I have to give whoever came up with it some credit. There is some recognition, deep down inside, that all this cosmetic surgery has an affect on children, however it does it. I don't want to slam cosmetic surgery outright because it's not always a shallow, addictive, and frivolous thing, but I am sure that there are some kids out there that don't even remember what Mommy used to look like who could use some sort of explanation.
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i agree that it's necessary to explain this to children and the intention of the book was a good one.


why isn't it daddy's cosmetic surgery? men receive it too. we're supposed to be living in a balanced, equal community these days ("supposed to" can only go so far, i know) and be able to explain to children that EVERYONE has the same opportunities. this book perpetuates a stereotype (however true it may be..) that women are shallow and obsessed with outer appearances (however true THIS may be..), but MEN ARE TOO! i would be very surprised to learn if this book mentions a daddy at all, and even more surprised if there was a second mommy instead. but yes- this book is dumb and i disagree with it.
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So, it's a stereotypical view of women?

Welcome to the real world, MoonCake, despite all the so-called "progress".

Despite so many years of indoctrination, it's still a fact that people will judge you - male or female - based on your looks. If you want evidence of the continuing bias, just look at the "glasses on the truck driver makes him a professor" post here on Neatorama.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to educate kids on the fact that real beauty is on the outside, because that's what gets you stuff in life. And that's all that really matters.
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