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squeaky hinges:
All you need is a hammer, nail and lube. Close the door and you will find a small hole at the bottom of the hinge pin. Put the nail in that hole and tap with the hammer. That should loosen the hinge pin and knock it up just about a 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch. Take the claw end of the hammer and pull the hinge out of the top of the hinge. Grease or lube the hinge with OIL or Grease. Don't use WD-40 since it evaporates in a few days. Vaseline works great and last for YEARS. Shortening or cooking oil can be used if nothing else is available. Just lightly grease or oil the pin and drive it back in the hinge. TA DA!
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Use a dishwasher to clean your keyboard. DO NOT USE THE DRY CYCLE. I could melt it.

Allow the keyboard to dry for a could of days and plug it in. (you can rotate and shake excess water out to speed up drying time)
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ObamaCare (AKA public health insurance) would NOT permit her to get it either. Look at Canada for example. People are having to come US to have brain tumors removed to keep from dieing. If they can't get life threatening conditions fixed, there is no way anyone would get prosthetics for anything.

Get ready folks, it is coming and you will hate it.
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Pulling something is NOT the same as lifting something. If an object in on wheel, the effort required is reduced further.

Just a guess, but I would say about 50 lbs force would be needed to start it rolling and only about 10-15 lbs from then on.
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Oh, and let' not forget the "Hell on Earth" formula for High Fructose Corn Syrup. Not only does this stuff turn completely into fat by your liver, it also has a good dose of MERCURY that is stored in your body forever!


Also a direct cause of obesity since the 1980's.
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It is by far better to eat a natural product like butter than those concocted in a laboratory.
Margarine (without yellow dye it looks like Vaseline)

Cool Whip (Condom Lubricates, Sugar, and wax)

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I hate Tattoos!! Most people get them when they are young and regret it the rest of their lives.

I remember when I was a kid there was a guy that had got drunk and tattooed a pencil thin mustache on his upper lip. For YEARS we would point and laugh at him.
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