Nun Pulls Car with Her Hair

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Kung Fu artist Zhang Tingting of Kaifeng, China, decided to become a Buddhist nun. This required shaving her head. To mark the end of her secular life, she decided to pull a car with her hair:

The 52-year-old artist has performed across China for decades, after taking up martial arts when she was 17. She began living the life of a nun two years ago.

Before bidding her meter-long braid farewell, she pulled six passenger cars some 50 meters (164 ft) through a Beijing suburb, then repeated the feat with ten cars, for about 30 meters, in her hometown of Kaifeng, Henan Province.

Although Zhang and her plait are now permanently separated, the hair has been preserved. Authorities are considering sending it on a pilgrimage to sacred Buddhist sites in Tibet, or displaying it in a local museum.

Link via The Corner

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I visited Kaifeng just a few weeks go - apparently, there's a school there that trains acrobats, gymnasts, and crazy car pulling nuns.

I didn't see any car pulling while I was there, but I did see a kid jumping rope - on his head, and a monkey riding a goat.
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Pulling something is NOT the same as lifting something. If an object in on wheel, the effort required is reduced further.

Just a guess, but I would say about 50 lbs force would be needed to start it rolling and only about 10-15 lbs from then on.
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