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I know a few people who have money and are really not happy. What this person needs to do is give the money to a family in need..Charity is good but sometimes you wonder how much of that money really goes to people in need. Find a less fortunate person and see what they need and help, they are millions of familes loosing their homes and stories I hear that break my heart, I wish I had millions so that I could help those in need.

Money doesn't buy happiness but it sure helps alot.
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Amazing story, people have some stupid comments but we should really all learn from this guy. Not saying id give ALL my money away, but i do agree with it if its making you unhappy and that its great that hes finally going to live his life the way he wants...good luck
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This is typical panic - coral reefs have been round for thousands and thousands of years as far as I am aware. Co2 and temperatures have fluctuated hugely - just think about Toba event. This just like the Polar Bears dying out, they aint; there's more than ever been.
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So, basically when you live in a northern state, and you see temps in the winter not being so cold say -20 is becoming rare, and we have mild winters. One doesn't complain, but wonders why is January so warm? Why don't we have snow on Christmas anymore? Yet it's not warm enough to swim in that cool pool, it's just brown grass waiting to be covered with snow. Yep Global warming doesn't exist. It's a flux yes in the environment there have been others but have the numbers been this high? Umm NO I see birds not flying south, or as further south and dying when we do have the one day that it is -20 or with windchill -35 or something. Then in the Summer we notice it's not as warm, the AC isn't on as much ( well good for the environment) Not recycling, not reusing or trying to do one thing that is "green" isn't asking much it's just simply taking care of what we have maintain it. I want my kids to see a White Christmas someday, not some Christmas surrounded by bare trees brown grass, and just plain cold. So don't tell me Global warming doesn't exist. Live somewhere that it is noticeable. YES I do know that it's a natural cycle, but since it's higher then usual past numbers at least maintain if not anything better then like lower it.

love the picture, but I would so get sea sick swimming in that pool.
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My girlfriend actually produced a documentary on this very subject which was shown on channel 4 (England) last year.

It's a fascinating insight into the control Garcia has over the prison and the real reasons they dance. In England you can see it on 4od, it's called Murderers on the Dancefloor. It's also on Youtube, here's the first part:

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The pro-Kimberly comments encourage me this world isn't completely full of depraved souls. Thank you. And thank Jesus for this little image of God. May she continue to radiate His glory all the days of her life.
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