Great Barrier Reef: Gone in 20 Years

First it was bluefin tuna, then Playboy bunnies, then the world's wheat crop. Now the Great Barrier Reef is going to be gone in 20 years, according to marine scientist Charlie Veron:

Charlie Veron, former chief scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, told The Times: “There is no way out, no loopholes. The Great Barrier Reef will be over within 20 years or so.”

Once carbon dioxide had hit the levels predicted for between 2030 and 2060, all coral reefs were doomed to extinction, he said. “They would be the world’s first global ecosystem to collapse. I have the backing of every coral reef scientist, every research organisation. I’ve spoken to them all. This is critical. This is reality.”

Frank Pope of The Times Online has the interview: Link

Everything's going extinct like it's going out of style! What's (or who's) next? Miley Cyrus?

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Sorry to troll, but are you guys really engineers?? Surely you understand the concept of a decimal point? Yes coral reefs have been around for 1000's years, but CO2 normally fluctuates over a period of millions of years.

It's like when you try to measure a signal on an oscilloscope and instead of the nice sine or square wave you were expecting you get a flat line and you think there must be something wrong - then you you crank the sample rate knob over to the right and try again -lo and behold, your sine wave appears. We are all living in the trough of a sine wave :-)
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This is typical panic - coral reefs have been round for thousands and thousands of years as far as I am aware. Co2 and temperatures have fluctuated hugely - just think about Toba event. This just like the Polar Bears dying out, they aint; there's more than ever been.
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do you really think that human intervention is going to cause a biosphere crash in a mere thirty years? the more urgent these global warming climate change hipsters sound, the more skeptical society is of them. we aren't as stupid as you think we are!
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