World's Smallest Living Baby

Our weekly collaboration with Cellar Image of the Day brings us this amazing image (and story) of Kimberley Mueller, who was just over 10 ounces when she was born, making her the world's smallest surviving baby.

When she was born, 15 weeks premature and weighing ten and a half ounces, her father's confidence was about the only thing on Kimberly Mueller's side.

In the few snatched moments he was allowed before his daughter was whisked away by doctors, Andreas Mueller spoke from his heart. "I whispered to her: 'Kimberly, you'll make it,'" he recalled.

With a survival chance of less than 1,000 to one, every day she has got through since then is a triumph. Six months later, Kimberly has finally been allowed to go home to her parents in Hanover.

Read the full story here: Link - Be sure to check out Cellar IotD for more daily photos!

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most of you clearly don't know what you are talking about.i'm absolutly disgusted!!
i'm a mother ofa premature baby and he is fine!!
every child has the right to live and if its not meant to be then god will deside that and not the doctors.
the doctors only do their job and if it wasn't for them i wouldn't have my beautifull son now.
so first do your research about the subject before you put your oppinion out there because as there are plenty preemies who survive without any futher probems!
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I recently went through the same thing. April 16,2010 I gave birth so a little boy named Michael A Higgs Jr. I was 21 weeks so he was 19 weeks early. There was nothing wrong with my child's health i just had an incompetent cervix which made me go into labor prematurely. But I did not have a choice to save my child. From the time i went into the hospital they said my child would NOT live and there was NOTHING they could do that he would be too small and under developed. He was 1lbs and 11 1/2 inches he was much bigger then they said he was going to be his breathing was fine! They never had intentions on treating him like any other premature baby, they never cleared his air passages nothing they never even came and checked on us after he was born. And it hurts to know that at 5 months its against the law to have an abortion but if u have a child at 5months they will not help that child survive. Its brings happiness to me to know that there are some places that help people in these situations. This family was very blessed! Because loosing a child is the worst thing u could ever imagine my heart gos out to this family especially baby Kimberly she will make these Dr.s rethink premature births because no matter what size all children deserve to be helped!!
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