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so nasty here today... I don't think the term 'Nazi' is fitting, but poor English usage should be curtailed a bit, otherwise we'll be grunting before long.
my favorite, seen on Broadway near Larch in Vancouver BC, on a restaurant sign:
"We do catering."
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bound to get hated for saying this, but I can't understand how a society can make peace with this behavior, when there are starving people in their own country, and elsewhere (all news sources refer to this stuff at sometime or another, as a 'light-sided' story). it's preposterous. and sick. and I've seen it on the sports channels, like it were a sport or something. what's next, a sh*tting contest?
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in 2002 'a guy I know' used a sampled clip from Blade2 (that was found online BEFORE the film was released) - he inserted it into his film 'The Infringement' (which was already 95% finished and featured the same actor that was sampled from Blade2) and then he released his film online, the same day that Blade2 was released in cinemas, in a statement against DRM, DMCA, etc.
(no purchase required, and no affect on the original film's release)
is it art or is he a vandal?
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2, ., and 0, are not "words" -
this reminds me of when the internet 'gurus' invented .biz for the overflow of .com - what a bunch of twits
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here's a 6minute tour of the 650yearold Charles bridge,

and the weird babies tower is the the TV tower in Zizkov
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it's not a phobia - it's a conscious decision to avoid the inane and hold socio-cultural disdain for the sheeple.
I give twitter less than a year from today.
Take that, you social networking Twits!
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"Why water would act this way was a surprise"
I live in the North Atlantic sea, in Newfoundland, and I have had the opportunity over the past few years to work on a film/art/new media project (in development) which demands that the characters, especially mine, spend a lot of time on the very edge of the sea - often on rocky over hangs and rough ledges during moderately high seas (just so you know, I wouldn't go out if it weren't safe-ish, but it's not really nasty - you gotta have some crashing waves to get a good shot). anyway, there have been numerous times wherein I 'felt' the presence of the sea having more than a passive inorganic existence. I 'felt' like it was interested in getting me, I anticipated it's 'motives' to change its swelling and lashing out, and as I avoided getting pulled in while getting close to the edge, I felt it swelling up on the other side of me - it wasn't random waves, I was 'being pursued' - and around here, several people a year go a little too close, and wash up about 3 weeks later... and I am neither a kook nor do I believe that I've been abducted by aliens. Water is alive, just on a different conceptual level than we grasp. I believe its pissed at us humans - as we are constantly attacking it. What about that Texas-sized island of plastic in the middle of the Pacific?!
oh, and for the record, we're missing a huge opportunity in not harvesting the glacier ice floating by here as the pole melts. Free 10000 year old pristine water, melting into the Gulf stream. Mmm - I'm goig to go get some and toss it in my drink.
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this is a rip off of an antique helmet that was given as a gift - I saw the picture recently, but can't remember the giver nor the recipient - goggles, hooked nose, WAY ahead of its time... anyone ?
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analog yes, but unfortunately he is not any type of blogger, by definition, but we can change this quickly...
take one dv camera
mount it on a tripod
stand it near where this foto was taken
(or other angles depending)
put a lanier mike on Mr. Sirleaf
line out camera to a laptop w wireless
anavlog *
i bet he becomes the biggest news thing in his country.
i have a laptop and a mini-dv cam and a tripod that I can donate. anyone else?
(also I can and will leave them there with him and teach him how to set it all up if that is required,
but we'll have to start a fund for that plane ticket as I am not able to cover that part - not fishin' for a free ride, just not wealthy these days - maybe he's tech proficient and we can just send the parts)
I want to start a small fund for the shoe throwing dude (for when he gets out of jail - JAIL!?!?) in 3 years) -
simple escrow account managed by trustee
anyone into that? set him up a bit - bet we'd get a pile of small donations for him -
if it's a whole lot, we could bring him over on a tour, get Will Ferrel to throw shoes at him on SNL... ok maybe I'm taking it too far - serious about the fund idea though

free the world and your mind will follow

*(coined 2009.03.23)
anavlog, noun and verb
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quite telling that the original ad does what the text says, and on this page in our 2009 technological brilliance, the text typed on this page looked boring and did not do what the 1918 machine offered.
i too would like to even see one.
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interesting how the 15 year old is one of only 2 commenters providing the only real critique/observations so far... it's the rest of you who are self-centered and have no time for the discussion (but can't wait to jump in and dis it - this site is sort of a social network as well, by the way, even though we don't get too personal here)
to VampPrincess, I have bad news for you. this idealism and need for speed that you speak of - whew, when you become an adult, you'll see how utterly poorly managed most systems of (anything) are in human society, and that if you don't join in and play the games, you'll be labeled an antagonist, and life will be harder to get thru (ask Greg Palast, or the Unabomber). Even though advertising and parental morality sell you a possible future of idealism, the reality is that all idealistic dreams of youth must be thrown out, because the humans NEED to continue their games of war, domination, greed, religion, power. even though it's clear we could collectively solve all issues (poverty, hunger, disputes) were the political impetus so inclined, it will not go that route. (these 'billions' getting tossed around now to keep failing systems afloat could easily house, feed and educate everyone on the planet - do you see anyone considering that?!) someone said recently in a study that it should take another 300 years before we all get on the same page and actually see something evolved to 'world peace' and coordinated survival. BUT?! we can see it now, so why don't we do it now? because we are losers with short attention spans who need immediate gratification, and in order to defend the ridiculous status quo, we dismiss things outright as bunk, and have convoluted arguments about everything, including this one, so we can prop up our egos
- by the way, faster is not always better. better is always better. a carrot needs to be in the ground and grow - pumping it with chemicals and super nutrients so we can hurry up and feed the too many people we keep producing, is poor logic, and will produce future problems (weaker future soil, lower quality carrots, chemical runoff creating imbalances in nearby lakes killing fish, poorer nutrition for those eating the carrots, possible cancers, other unseen issues) - technology sells us 'speed' as though we need it (where else will it get its money from if it doesn't convince you of its necessity?), when frequently we don't. I saw a 1970's movie the other night, and a 30 year old with me said - "look, no computers in the office"... my god! how did we do it?! how did we survive?
a quote from the article:
'I often wonder whether real conversation in real time may eventually give way to these sanitised and easier screen dialogues, in much the same way as killing, skinning and butchering an animal to eat has been replaced by the convenience of packages of meat on the supermarket shelf,' she said.
and what about how we grow that meat - look into pig farming for some scrumpdillyishus education on how we turn a blind eye so we can eat that bacon
ps I am not supporting the criminal acts of the Unabomber, but if you read his manifesto, you'll see he was no dummy and quite the angry idealist
(ok, now here comes the vitriol- see below)
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re: salt
this guy says it wasn't a phrase til the 19th century,

and just to throw a kink in it all, I was of the impression it was meaning his equivalent in salt, or worth his weight in salt, as salt had a value, and your work efforts were tied to your comparative weight...
so, homework or not, this one is still not confirmed
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i'm not looking for a fight here, but this trend of videotaping your child and posting it to the net is somehow dubious to me... isn't it exploitative? I know it's sort of funny to watch, but I feel guilty. that kid would not put on that performance for all of us, so where do the folks get off recording it and editing it and disseminating it? I think that there will be some big screw up and it'll get out-lawed -it came pretty close with that 'kid on drugs' thing that went around a week ago... or maybe it's just an observation of the decay of ethics as we 'socialize' without being in hands reach of those with whom we are 'socializing' - there's no responsibility to your own kids, they are 'entertainment' devices - any child advocates out there seen any studies on this behavior? again, not looking to argue here, just to learn.
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as much as i love the idea and the filmmaking, and god knows I played a LOT of games like this as a kid, there's something a little disturbing hearing the 'actual' weapon sounds (SFX actually since real weapons don't sound like this) in this context - kids and guns don't mix well for me. guns alone don't work so well for me either. or war. sorry to be a prude and not sorry to be anti-war.
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in Newfoundland (very catholic background) they turned a nice stone church into a strip bar... then god burned it down:
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