The 10 Craziest Competitive Eating Moments

You've read the stories about eating contests, and you've wondered how in the world can people stuff that much food into themselves. Now you can see how its done, with ten videos of various food contests, including glimpses of Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi doing what they do best. Jalapeno, anyone? Link

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Everyone needs to express their competitive side somehow, gtron. Some of us by doing nothing at all, but even that is acknowledging its existence (in my case). Competitive eating is only just a bit more nuts than running around a pitch following a plastic sphere.
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They mention Kobayashi versus a Kodiak bear, but to me his craziest and nastiest moment was when he appeared on another game show, Glutton Bowl, where he absolutely tore through a tray piled high with brains. I almost hurled.

Though not mentioned, the funniest moments are with Japan's other eating sensation, entertainer Gal Sone whose petite frame belies her ability to put away incredible amounts of food. She's had several amusing videos on YouTube where she shocks the locals at how much she puts away.
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bound to get hated for saying this, but I can't understand how a society can make peace with this behavior, when there are starving people in their own country, and elsewhere (all news sources refer to this stuff at sometime or another, as a 'light-sided' story). it's preposterous. and sick. and I've seen it on the sports channels, like it were a sport or something. what's next, a sh*tting contest?
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