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In addition, if evolution didn't happen, then you have a quandary:

either God created the carnivorous plant before the Fall, meaning there WAS death before the Fall (goes against dogma)
OR after the Fall, the plant dramatically changed from being a plant that did not consume animal matter to one that did - in LESS time than evolution took to do so. So what would you call the rapid adaptation of existing body structures to new purposes but evolution?
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Adam Savage had the best costume of all; he dropped hints on his Twitter, took two days for someone to find him roaming the convention floor.

I'm not saying what, go do some mythbusting to find out!
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We've had splayds in our home for decades. I always assumed it was "splade". So the name hasn't really "come out of nowhere". I had never heard of a spork until about ten years ago.
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Prairie Dog - aheh. That's exactly what's happened in the comics recently. Kandor got re-biggened. And suddenly there's about 100,000 Kryptonians on Earth, with the *same powers as Superman*. And most of them seem to be quite egotistical and think they're superior to the Earthlings; so Supes relocates them to Mars. Supergirl's mother is their new leader, and she's brought Zod, Non and Ursa back from the Phantom Zone as her military aides...
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