Grand Unification Theory of Cutlery

The Grand Unification Theory may still be a ways off for physics, but not so for cutlery! Behold the Venn diagram of hybrid cutleries by Raynor Ganan over at the ragbag blog: Link - via Dennis Demori

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Tobias, that Swedish company may call it a spork, but it is not. I'm not sure it's even that useful if you want to use a spoon and fork in one meal.

Splayd is a brand name. I bought a set. They work poorly as spoons. I find that my spork works better.

I have several plastic spife samples I got from the major producer of kiwi fruit in New Zealand. They package them with snack packs of kiwi.

I've been looking at MRE products of various kinds. It seems the one utensil packaged with those the military gets is a long handled spoon. Make of that what you will.
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We've had splayds in our home for decades. I always assumed it was "splade". So the name hasn't really "come out of nowhere". I had never heard of a spork until about ten years ago.
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You do realize, of course, that the "spife" could just as easily been called a "knoon"?

In fact, I think that at banquets put on by the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Trilateralists, and Masons, that's what they're called.

Whatcha gonna do now, smart guy?!

- pupista! (barking mad on the right)
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