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I'm really pissed because right when I started reading this article, it turned to 2:00.
And by the time I realized it, it was 10 seconds too late....
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for some reason, this video really creeps me out.
because you look at plants as these still, non-moving things, but here's this plant, moving around, grabbing onto stuff.
still really cool though.
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Thanks a ton for posting it.
Once again, you've made my day better.
And nice timing too.
Because I'm hanging out with the beautiful Gaby Kubik right now.
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My name's....up above.
I have no idea how I found this blog, but I have been seriously addicted since. It sits on my favorites bar on Firefox, where I click it when I'm bored...
I am 18 and am a freshman at the University of Minnesota. I hope to either be a chemist or a physicist....its tough to decide.

Oh, and when you posted my wiki "article" on yawning, it made my day.
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just wondering....
do you think that the bite was really that bad?
i mean....i'm just not sure after seeing the whole clip.....i might have to hear him say it another few hundred times to make sure.
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in order to beat the final question,
you have to not have used any skips, because you have to use them all on the last question.
i havent made it that far, but, thats what a guide said.....

my favorite one is hammer-time.
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