What Happens if Your Brain is Split in Two?

To reduce the severity of Joe's epileptic seizure, doctors performed a drastic brain surgery: they cut the corpus callosum and severed the connection between his left and right cerebral hemispheres. Here's what happened ...

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks to the beautiful Gaby Kubik!

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Re; #13 (Jenny K.) - Epileptic siezures, if I remember correctly, have something to do with the firing of neurons in response to each other. This is true for most thought processes, such as the ability to say the name of an object we see. In epileptics, the firing becomes erratic, and siezures are the result. In the case of Joe, firing in one hemisphere triggered firing in the other and back again, so splitting the corpus callosum seemed like a reasonable way to disrupt the problem.

The down side is that he cannot name objects perceived only by his right brain (left eye). In his (and most people's) brain, the language center is in the left hemisphere, and the artistic skills are in the right hemisphere. (Keep in mind that these hemispheres control the opposite sides of the body, which is why his right brain perceives what his left eye sees, and why he can draw the objects with his left hand. I'm also using "artistic" in a very broad sense; his drawings are purely functional. In a true artist, the artistic abilities are less compartmentalized in the brain than in non-artists.)

Strobe lights can trigger siezures in both epilleptics and non-epilleptics (although the strobing frequencies required to do this are different), which is why it is prudent to warn audiences if a strobe light is to be used in a performance. I still have no idea what's happening in a whole sequence near the end of the original "Alien" film, because of the strobe light that accompanies the ship's auto-destruct. After about three seconds of the flashing, I get serious migraine and have to cover my eyes. I wonder if there are plans to release some "ultimate" DVD of the movie with a strobe-free version of that scene as an extra feature...?
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i saw a similar video years back. That patient was given tasks to do, like stacking blocks or something, with one hand and other hand kept interfering. At one point his hand slapped his other to keep it out of the way and eventually the patient had to sit on his hand to finish his task. Fascinating stuff.
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For anyone interested by this clip, I would highly highly recommend reading Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan. It is a fascinating look into the human brain and the evolution of human intelligence. It is inspiring and educational, but not in a put me to sleep science factoid way. Carl Sagan is (was) the best science writer on the planet.
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