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Umm, the wording on Oscar the bird is very confusing, is it a guy or girl?
You say "he" and "she" multiple times mentioning the same animal.
Sorta confusing.
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Pros - OS written/updated specifically for the hardware, fewer hardware/software issues, far fewer virus/spyware/adware/___ware issues.
Cons - Expensive, run the risk of being a snob

Pros - Most widely used, tons of different options for purchasing your computer, the ability to always use the newest/fastest hardware, also the option of having a computer on the cheap.
Cons - Most widely used so nearly all viruses are written for it, have had to deal with a few bad OS's (Windows ME, 2000, Vista).

Pros - Everything is free, super customizable, no viruses, Wine let's you run pretty much any Window's program, everything's free
Cons - Kindof tough to transition to (tons of guides out there though), using Terminal can be pretty intense
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It's just as people here have said, it's about personal preference.
It's so ridiculous when everyone is arguing their opinion and they expect to just change people's minds instantly.

I used Windows XP for as long as I was on a computer. I think it's a perfectly fine OS.
I ended up getting a black Macbook 2.5 years ago, and I'm definitely glad with the purchase, but I dual-boot XP on it anyways so that I can get the benefits from both OS's.

I hate being included in the group of the "Apple cult". Yeah, I own a Macbook and iPhone, but I'm no spaz. They are absolutely, hands down, some of the most annoying people on the internets. Some Windows-defenders, however, can be just as annoying to listen to too, and I'm really glad that there aren't so many Linux-fanatics because then we would all probably just shoot ourselves.

Sure, the Mac-Tax is absurd, because yes, you are paying mostly for the OS, but the OS is clean and easy to use.

I'm just hoping that with Windows 7 out, people will just shutup and come to some sort of agreement, because Win 7 is a pretty sweet OS. I'm pretty excited to build a dual-boot Win7/Ubuntu desktop and have all the options available to me.
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Indeed chap in the plaid cap! Your cleverness knows no bounds as you hound and astound profoundly the trolls with no souls!

And you ss, attractive affluent animals are almost always an annoyance and are ample to amuse only the saddest of fools.
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Yeah, this poll is definitely false.
It's really entertaining to see the skill of the "Anonymous" hackers skill because they hacked the crap out of this poll.
Read this article and you'll see:
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I bet that insurance company is pissed that she got it right, they would have never thought that they had to ACTUALLY give $25000 out.
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I am getting kind of sick of people doing stuff with "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".
I like Daft Punk, but I think after Kanye remixed it, the song lost its awesomeness.
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I went through a very similar situation this past semester at college. I never went to class and avoided anything that didn't remotely bring me any happiness.
However, last November my mom motivated me enough to see a doctor.
Since then, I've been on Wellbutrin and it has really helped me out. I've noticed that I the good, positive rational thoughts that I thought before (and rejected instantly) now actually calm me down and let me get things done.
I mean, yes, you might have to try a few medications before they work (because everyone is different), but they really do help.
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I've always wondered what that song was called!
It's really beautiful.
They play it at the end of the newer Ocean's 11 movie.
Very soothing animation as well.
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