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How a Train Stays on a Track (not as simple as you thought)

Physicist Richard Feynman explains how a train stays on the tracks... From BBC TV 'Fun to Imagine' (1983)

The Amazing Camouflage of the Pootoo Bird

David Attenborough looks at how a potoo hides itself effectively when it senses danger.

Sand Drawing Taken to a Level Way Beyond Next

While Western audiences might not fully grasp the '1945' context that she manages to encapsulate in this mind-blowing performance, rest assured the tears in the Ukrainian audience members' eyes and the standing ovation were there for a reason.

Kite Fail

A man goes outside to fly a kite. Failure is imminent.

Top Gear: Bugatti Veyron vs. McLaren F1

The two fastest supercars ever created square off in a rip-roaring drag race to over 300 kmh. Which will reign supreme?


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Feynmann explaining the train wheels is fascinating! It brings home the fact that people were just as clever back in the day as they are now, maybe more clever.
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Indeed chap in the plaid cap! Your cleverness knows no bounds as you hound and astound profoundly the trolls with no souls!

And you ss, attractive affluent animals are almost always an annoyance and are ample to amuse only the saddest of fools.
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troll be gone to wander yonder into the dawn!

yes you 'ss'

why don't you take that spam and cram it where the sun don't shine - yes, your behind, is what i imply quite wryly. not shyly, indeed, no-no. so take heed and proceed... to GTFO.
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