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A lot of these studies are just media fear mongering to drive up readers/viewers. Nearly everything we touch, eat, drink and breathe has bacteria on or in it and it's no surprise that they find stuff when they break out the microscope. Before you have a full on panic attack though remember that our immune systems are the product of literally millions and millions of years of our near constant exposure to filth. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ever wash your hands and eat whatever you find lying on the ground but also understand it's impossible and impractical to sterilize everything around us.

To the person who caught scabies though that does suck. I can see why you'd make a point to wash new clothes before you wear them now but something like that is probably fairly uncommon.
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Nice to see that you guys posted this! I've been listening to this lots this past week, it's the best remix of "Nude" that I've heard so far. It's lightyears ahead of the rest.

Ratz, those harddrives are actually being used as speakers. They're playing Thom Yorke's vocal parts.
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This is sad to read. It kills me how they're going extinct, and it pisses me off even more than someone just shoots the poor & hungry thing. Was it really threatening someone? Hardly anyone lives in Iceland anyways, and their beaches aren't really that packed full of people.
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You've got to be kidding me.

Here's a good idea for a writer looking for an unfulfilled niche. How about a book for kids who's parents get a sex change? We'll call it "Why Your Mother Is Now The Man".
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