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"“I think I’m perfectly comfortable in saying that I’m aware of no data that cow’s urine– or any other species’ urine– holds any promise in treating or preventing cancer.”
– Dr. Donald Hensrud, Mayo Clinic"

What would he know ? Does he work in a cola clinic ? Nope, mayo :p
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This is beautiful man !

Every sound produced y my mouth is made by that weird lookin' thing !?!? Wow.

And it looks more like a skinny person on top of a fat woman :p :p :P
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Wow. Neato !

I can't imagine the fear he must have felt before actually seeing that they were dolphins around him and not sharks.

As Neato as it is, I can't help but feel unimpressed. Dolphins are (apparently) friendly. When will a group of Box Jellyfish make an attempt to ave someone's life ? lol

Or a giant squid ?

Its always the cute ones :p
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Congratulations Bao!!!

Hope everything goes well for the child and family.

I hope he and Xia are happy and live long fulfilling lives together.

Blessings from the Most High.
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Or he may have just jumped in front of the car and train to get injured and ensure himself a warm bed and possibly meals (in hospital).

Too bad he didn't get his bed/meals.
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Its quite hard comprehending what it is like when you are close to death. I can't imagine dying. I used to have nightmares when I was a kid about dying. I'd always imagine not being able to breath for what seemed like hours. Then eventually my heart stops and I sort of "zoom out". My vision seems as if I am moving backwards through a tunnel of darkness and the room in which I was in would become the end of the tunnel that I "entered".

Nowadays I tend to think with more of an adventurous mind. I see death as something that, when it happens to me, I will "know" that I am going to Heaven. I have thought about this for a long time. They say faith alone allows one to enter the gates of heaven. Therefore expecting to go to heaven after the dying process, will result in the actuality of you being there. I am a spiritual person. I do not fall for psychics and mediums. My beliefs were justified once. I suffered what is known as a visual hallucination. I say suffered but there was no suffering. I was enlightened if you will. Not to the point where I can ease the pain of mankind. But to the point where I can justify it. Every being experiences pain at one point. Whether it be loss of a loved one, suffering from any kind of abuse, loss of limb(s), etc. For one to experience true happiness they must first endure hurt,pain,sorrow,etc. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Love the Lord God (not His/Her/Its actual name, more of a title).

As for Tim Russert, he's probably up there with the best of them. Reporting on whats going on up there. Laughing away with all his heroes, friends and family who entered Heaven before him. Please don't piss on my fire by trying denying Heavens existence. Heaven lies in a place where telescopes cannot see. It is outsde of our space/time continuum. Therefore, man cannot deny or prove the existence of Heaven. Take from this comment what you will. God Bless. W.J.C.M Rest in peace William. I'll see ye again wee man.
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The article forgets to mention why she was laughing, how loud she was laughing and the name of the resaurant (to piss off the manager, if I lived in America :p).

It strikes me as odd that tehy left out why she was laughing. Was she laughing at someone who made a faux pas ? Did someone have their skirt tucked into their underwear ? Did someone have noticeably hard nipples ? Was the customer coming on to her ? And she laughed one of those laughs from cartoons/older movies where they say something like "Oh stop, you're too kind" hEEE HEEE HEE HEE.
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I don't care what that critic says. Critics are just people who believe their opinion is more important than your average Joe. Do any of the superhero movies actually live up to expectation ? Do you think that perhaps people are overestimating these movies ?

Hulk. Not an academy award nominee style film. Hulk. Not exactly Oscar worthy. Its a movie about the Hulk. Hulk smashes. Kids love Hulk. Adults loved Hulk when they were kids. Now he's just "The Freakin Hulk".

I love superhero movies. I get goosebumps when they show an amazing scene. I had goosebumps almost all the way through Transformers.

So yes, I do feel excited about seeing this film. I was never a comic "reader" I tended to just look at the pictures!!
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I went all out on mine. I incorporated yin and yang into mine. One side is blue (representing Water) the other is orange (representing Fire). On the blue side there are flames on the side of it (black flames lol. On the orange side there are leaves growing on the side.

I thought I would be able to enter my own text on the scroll, I had to choose one. I chose The family.

Oh and I just realised the Scion is a car.
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It appears as though Christians are bible thumping nitwits who proclaim that they're messiah is the one and only.

I am a believer in the message spread by Christ the Nazarene.

"Do unto others as you would have them do to you"

This message should be taught to everyone worldwide. It is THE message that will ultimately help our planet unite. If you don't want someone hacking you into pieces, then don't do it to others. If you don't want to feel the shame and horror of being raped, then don't rape others.

Buddhism is also a great religion. It teaches us to have respect for all living things.

Religion is not the problem. Misconstruing the message is the problem.


Atheists seem to miss the messages of peace and love, and focus on the mass slaughters carried out in the name of "God".

I don't believe that denying God is a smart thing to do. As science progresses, we will become godlike. We will create life. We will teach that life to respect and love others. Maybe God isn't some all powerful magician. Anyone ever thought that God is just a really smart guy from another world ? No ? Oh cause that idea is just too weird right ? Try some hallucinogenics. Try thinking outside the box. Try to think differently.
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